Header photo of Claudia

Claudia Duckworth

Head of Security Operations & Security Services

As the Head of Security Operations & Security Services at Blackwell, Claudia leads the charge in developing cutting-edge threat intelligence, incident response strategies, and a dynamic suite of managed services designed to meet the unique needs of Blackwell’s clientele. A proud Kansas City native, Claudia has called Austin, Texas, her home for the last five years. With a career that spans over fifteen years, she brings a deep reservoir of knowledge in cybersecurity, incident response, startups, consulting, and services management. Claudia’s approach to cybersecurity is rooted in a proactive stance, aiming to stay one step ahead of potential threats. Dedicated to providing peace of mind to Blackwell’s clients and her team, ensuring a secure and supportive environment. Her varied experience has allowed her to offer mentorship, take on leadership positions, and quickly master advanced skills, significantly impacting cybersecurity.