Managed Healthcare Extended Detection & Response (MHXDR)

Shift your cybersecurity program from reactive to proactive with AI-driven threat visibility, detection, and response, powered by our Blackwell Pulse Platform and 24×7 Cyber Fusion Center.

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Secure Every System, Every Step of Care

Today’s healthcare providers rely on countless technologies to deliver on the promise of excellent patient care. From interventions and hospitalizations, to discharge and billing, patients depend on the network of professionals and technologies that manage every aspect of their care.

Expand visibility across connected medical and clinical assets, automate incident response, protect patient data, and effectively monitor and manage your entire environment so you can address threats before they compromise the patient experience.


Purpose-Built MHXDR Platform

Bridge the gaps between your security tools and data to extend visibility, drive better insights, and strengthen your security operations with Blackwell Pulse.


Blackwell’s 24×7 Cyber Fusion Center

Guarantee continuous, proactive protection to secure both patients and business operations. Blackwell’s 24/7 Cyber Fusion Center serves as the central hub, coordinating security efforts and ensuring a unified response to safeguard your critical systems, devices, and data.

  • Strengthen your security workforce
  • Foster better security collaboration
  • Ensure 24×7 security operations
  • Empower smarter and faster responses



Comprehensive, AI-driven
Threat Protection

Comprehensive, AI-driven Threat Protection

Unified Operations

Increase detection integrity and efficacy, reduce response times, and optimize remediations within one centralized platform.

Holistic Visibility

Reduce blind spots and improve coverage across the full medical and operational attack surface.

Complete Data Transparency

Maintain control of your cybersecurity program, with no black box keeping you from your security data.

Built-In Healthcare Response Playbooks

Gain real-time insight and expertise into threats that matter to your organization right now.

AI-Powered Automation

Enhance response and remediation protocols for security incidents to ensure the availability and integrity of your devices, systems, and data.

Optimized and Tailored

Reduce alert fatigue, false positives, and time wasted responding to non-critical alerts.

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Operate Resiliently with Blackwell

Connect with our expert team today to learn more about Blackwell’s MHXDR and how it can solve your organization’s most pressing cybersecurity challenges.