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Our dynamic team of cybersecurity professionals is deeply committed to the healthcare sector and was founded to establish a high-trust, human-centric world in healthcare systems. We welcome like-minded individuals who share our values and dedication to evolving the best cybersecurity capabilities on the market.

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Unlock a career with meaningful impact and cutting-edge innovation by joining our teams, where your skills can make a real difference in protecting lives.

Our Culture

At Blackwell, our culture is not just a set of guidelines – it’s the vibrant pulse that fuels everything we do. We’re more than a team; we’re a close-knit community united by a shared mission. This connection brings pride, commitment, and a strong sense of belonging. In our journey of growth, collaboration is critical. We believe a flourishing company culture isn’t just nice to have, it’s a vital force propelling us towards lasting success by cherishing our most precious asset — our people.

Our Mission

Blackwell Security’s solutions and services were designed to safeguard the technology and systems that enable healthcare organizations to drive human impact and eliminate security and compliance risks from the care continuum.

Guiding Values


We’re present in everything we do and committed to constantly and consistently raising the bar.


We value truthfulness, humility, knowledge, transparency, and professionalism. Every role within our community is a leadership opportunity, irrespective of the job description.


We view failure as a chance to learn, encouraging early experimentation and frequent learning to take ownership of outcomes. This approach helps us effectively manage risk, a crucial element in achieving genuine and lasting security.


We bring in the right individuals at the right time, ensuring collaboration without compromising speed and execution.


We are experts in our field, openly sharing our knowledge and intentions. Transparent communication about shared goals enhances decision-making
for everyone.


Our team, culture, and perspectives are diverse and inclusive. We value and understand our differences, recognizing them as a significant competitive advantage.


Our focus is on work empowering our team and customers, emphasizing documentation and automation-forward strategies.


We strive for continuous improvement and reliability.


We aim to establish genuine security rather than mere security theatrics.