Blackwell Managed Security Services

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Blackwell’s flexible managed security services and platform-enabled managed services approach allows us to customize a solution that aligns with your organization’s specific needs, existing investments, risks, and priorities.

Managed Services

Safeguard your entire environment with comprehensive MDR signals and tailored healthcare intelligence, guaranteeing around-the-clock protection against sophisticated cyber threats leveraging our best-in-breed security technology.

Collaborate with our expert security operations team to maintain continuous visibility, facilitate remediation, and ensure security optimization leveraging your existing tools.

Enhance your organization’s cybersecurity maturity by receiving specialized guidance that streamlines and fortifies your program, from compliance gap assessments to tabletop and incident simulations.


Blackwell’s 24×7 Cyber Fusion Center

Elevate your cyber capabilities and cost-effectively extend your security reach. Leverage the continuous monitoring and swift incident response provided by Blackwell’s 24×7 Cyber Fusion Center.

  • Stabilize your security workforce
  • Break down security silos
  • Achieve true 24×7 coverage
  • Extend your data visibility and prevent PHI/PII data loss
  • Enable patient-prioritized response

Blackwell vs Traditional SOC-as-a-Service


  • Lack healthcare-specific expertise
  • No visibility into Connected Medical Devices, Clinical IoT, or Biomedical Research Assets
  • Gaps in 24/7 coverage
  • Slow to adapt new security technologies
  • Prioritize compliance over security
  • Reactive and disconnected Teams
  • Lack understanding healthcare remediation processes
  • “Catch and Dispatch” alert & ticketing

Blackwell’s 24×7 Cyber Fusion Center

  • Healthcare-specific expertise
  • Medical & operational attack surface visibility
  • Around the clock coverage
  • Integrated intelligence & adaptive learning
  • Cybersecurity aligned to 405(d) framework
  • Proactive healthcare-specific defense
  • Full collaboration and transparency


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Cloud Security Posture Management

Optimize and fine tune visibility within and across cloud environments.

Discovery & Managed Risk

Identify and address potential security risks to fortify your organization’s defenses.

Incident Response

Quickly address and mitigate potential threats to safeguard your organization’s security.

Connected Medical Device and Medical IoT Security

Secure your physical footprint with robust measures that protect your critical healthcare assets.

Data Loss & Prevention

Implement measures to safeguard sensitive data and prevent unauthorized disclosure.

Attack Surface Discovery Management

Actively identify, manage, and secure your attack surface, minimizing vulnerabilities.

Cyber Incident Response

Effectively respond and eradicate cyber threats across the organization.

Endpoint Security

Secure your endpoints to prevent unauthorized access and protect against cyber threats.

Security Information & Event Management

Quickly and accurately identify, contain, and remediate critical security alerts.

Security Alert Ticketing

Full visibility into critical security alerting, investigations, and interventions.

Vulnerability Scanning Management

Identify and address vulnerabilities in your systems to enhance overall security.

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Tailor Our Services to Your Organization

Connect with our expert team today to build a comprehensive solution designed to meet your organization’s unique needs, risks, and business priorities.